My Introductions to Photography

I’ve always been fascinated with chasing light.

My childhood; Steiner education surrounded by a Camphill community gave me the opportunity to completely and without restrictions express myself through art, music and creativity. This started my fascination with the art world, and the subconscious chasing of the light I find links closely to the Steiner and Camphill festivals (based in Christianity) that ‘brought the light’ both physically and metaphorically through the year.

As soon as I discovered how I could express myself through not only art, but photography as well, I started to become infatuated with the practise. Earlier work was filled with efforts of self reflection and a representation of my struggles with mental health, while further work has matured to more of a refined look at my past and how my present is impacted. I study my surroundings, chasing light throughout, as well as fine art approaches to photography with mixed media creating an outlet to make emotions and an inner mind an outer experience.

After finishing at the Steiner School at age 16, I started my A levels at sixth form. The difference I found in teaching and approach to education threw me immediately. Going from one to another, from minimal technology within teaching to relying on it I found to be a challenging process. But photography and my practise kept me grounded, working in the darkroom allowed me to ‘escape’ to a calming place, and going out on shoots I found cathartic. After achieving high marks at A level, I knew I wanted to pursue media, and joined the Foundation year at Arts University Bournemouth. Although it was a challenging and fast-paced year, the skills I learnt both under pressure and in the time I was there ultimately led to a deeper understanding of how and why I wanted to work within the capacity of photography.

I was inspired by my tutor and lecturer Lauren Forster at Bournemouth, who shared such intensely personal work about her mum’s battle with cancer, I found myself prompted me to push myself to the boundaries of what I was comfortable sharing. This translates to my current work, which finds itself working with poetry, the aesthetic and a visual representation of both past events and current mental health.

I hope that the next 3 years at Bath allow me to open up my practice and explore mediums such as large and medium format film. I am interested in exploring landscape photography, as well as portraiture, allowing voices to be heard and expressed through imagery. After my degree I hope to travel with my practise, using my photography to create voices and set about creating change through exposure.

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