How to Load Medium Format Film

Based on Mamiya 645 120 medium format film camera.

  • Slide button down and push to open magazine, disconnect cartridge from camera.
  • There should be an old empty spool left in the camera from the previous roll. Take this out and move to the second empty space, making sure it spins freely.
  • Unroll the piece of tape that keeps the film from unravelling, and place roll of film into the cartridge, making sure the black paper faces outwards. Unroll the film round the right way and tuck end into the empty spool, the black paper still facing you.
  • Wind the film until it is wound slightly onto the empty spool, and place the cartridge back onto the camera.
  • Wind on the film within the camera, with the model I used you can manually wind the film until the counter reaches 1 on the dial.

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