Workshop Week: Medium Format Film Induction

Mamiya 645 Medium Format Film camera.

  • 6×4.5/ 6×7 negatives.
  • Bigger negatives can retain more detail – if you want big prints, you use bigger film.
  • Film has no metal cartridge, instead its a paper coating to keep from light – this means its easier to expose to light:(
  • Film is mounted into magazine and this can be moved from one camera to another.
  • Different medium formats offer different amounts of frames, 12/15 etc.

This induction I was really looking forward to, as in my foundation year I had been previously inducted, but never really understood or got to experience them much further. The induction was fast paced but completely understandable, there was no question too big, and the level in which the techs explained it was perfect.

Once we had been inducted, we were sent out with a roll of colour 120 film and a black and white roll, in groups of 3, so we had 5 images per roll.

I enjoyed this so much as a lot of my main influences on instagram shoot with medium format, and so being able to experiment with portraiture with this medium was actually quite eye-opening. We used a light meter to measure the light to get the correct exposure, which again, I had used in my foundation year and so this was nice to be able to properly refresh.

I loved the very practical and thoughtful way we had to compose our shots and really think about how we were shooting as every shot on a film roll counts for something (i.e film is expensive, I am a student).

In conclusion, loved this workshop, cant wait to shoot on film in the future.



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