I thought that I’d find this session quite dull, as the more tecnhical side of things dont excite me, but when it comes down to it, this information is crucial in knowing how to enter the industry and taking a stand for yourself.

I found the session engaging, however it was alot of information all at once, and my 5 pages of notes are looking very dauntingly at me now, as they know they need to be written up…

The main points I took away from this session is the importance of contracts, and stating your intentions before shooting. Going into situations with your eyes open, and your mind clear, will save a lot of trouble down the line. Leave a clear paper trail to whatever youre working with, back up any verbal contracts with written proof.

Handing over complete copyright to your client means you lose all rights to your images, unless you state in your contract you get to use them on your website etc. If a client asks for compelte copyright handover (i.e. they now own the images)

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