Personal Work: Instagram Influences

Celeste Ortiz Instagram

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 21.00.25Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 21.00.46Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 21.01.08


Celeste Ortiz’ work caught my eye on Instagram due to its soft femininity and sensuality, the work is beautiful and suggestive, work that is full of light and delicate depictions of women.

Her work seems to be shot on 35mm film, and more recent images show the technique of double exposure, or multiple exposures of the same subject. I would love to know what film she shoots on, as the colour tones are exquisite.
She also seems to employ the technique of a very soft focus, with a very shallow depth of field. Perhaps she does not fully focus, leaving selective areas to remain slightly obscured.

The images make me feel very calm, yet there is movement within them, depictions of life and the details moving me forward.

With this photographer at the back of my mind, I wanted some of my work to take on some of these subtle ideas of beauty, but I didn’t actively go out searching to take these images.

I took these on a walk up in Alexandra Park, as I didn’t love my images of the view – they seemed boring. I wanted to have a different take on the park and what it includes.

Taken with 35mm lens, I was using manual focus to force some of the subject in the forefront to take the backseat. I was also forcing my camera to take images that weren’t necessarily in focus, creating very delicate lens distortions.

The first 2 images are my favourite, colour graded slightly to have more of a yellowing tone. The distortion on the leaves I love, the delicacy is beautiful and it almost feels sightly like it has a hint of double exposure within the image.

Leaves VILeaves VIILeaves ILeaves IILeaves IIILeaves IVLeaves VLeaves VIII



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