A Pecha Kucha is a concise, quick and engaging presentation, that includes 20 slides, with each slide getting 20 seconds of speech, making the entire talk 6 1/2 minutes – sounds simple, right?

Pecha Kuchas originated from Tokyo, by creators Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham who watned to attract speakers to their ‘experimental event space’ that allowed young artists to network. The Pecha Kucha Nights are usually quite informal, held in a relaxed setting, often with beer!

It is an effective way of giving a presentation that allows quite a bit of information to be engaged with succinctly, and a snappy process that can a really great way of succesful communicating ideas without lots of boredom…

It helps if you are passionate or angry about the subject matter – it leads directly to a nice line of argument or talking points that you want to engage others with, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about a big political matter – as long as it relates to photography, you’re all good.

‘People get infected by passion, they will be engaged and remember your presentation more’ – ‘Let it be closer to your heart than your head’

Be critical of the subject matter – bring in both sides of the argument, be fair, but know your own opinion, challenge the ideas surrounding the subject matter – its more engaging this way!

I find the idea of this presentation quite exciting, as it really narrows down the time you have to talk, and really engage with what you really want to get across to the audience. Talking succinctly is perhaps not my strong suit, I feel I have a lot to say and this runs away with me at times, so I think itll be an interesting challenge to really nail down what I want to say in the 6 1/2 minutes that I have.


PechaKucha – Wikipedia

A Pecha Kucha about Pecha Kucha

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