• Representation of tragedy within the media – initial response to a shooting/ final images shot in the aftermath – Desensitisation to media and how we as a society have become ‘used’ to these images
    • This was my first big idea, but as you know, the first idea isn’t always the best, and I feel this subject is a bit too heavy for me to tackle at the moment, when I have other mental health issues going on. I have a feeling this would not improve my state of mind…
  • American ‘fake news’ – representation of political views within press – ‘alternative facts’, doctored images, certain images chosen to politically motivate within the media
    • I feel this idea has potential, but it is not something I feel incredibly passionate about, perhaps I haven’t quite got the right wording of the idea etc?
  • Intimacy within film/photography – Call Me By Your Name – how is intimacy and sexuality and sensuality expressed through film? How does it have an emotional impact on the viewer – how is it expressed through setting/set up?
    • I feel this is perhaps slightly too vague, and there is no line of direct inquiry within this idea that immediately jumps out at me.
  • Instagram – before/after photoshopping/manipulating images to look good/ conform to beauty ideals.
    • eh.

After looking at the whole idea of streetwear branding and advertising of women, I got quite passionate and angry about the state of female representation within advertising – more precisely the sexualisation of the female form I got quite antsy and realised this was something I feel very passionate about. As part of my initial ideas mindmap I wrote down – advertising in the 1950s – sexist, misogynistic, house women etc. which is quite telling when you bring the two together and realise just how much the past has informed and allowed the present state of advertising to exist. This would definitely be a presentation in which I would be passionate…


The idea that I ended up pitching to Morag was slightly different however, coming in from a more art based approach, Klimt and his image of ‘the kiss’ sparked an interest in the idea of body language and intimacy within art, and then extended to how the female form is ‘displayed’ and used within surrealism. The idea of eroticism, sexualisation and just plain sex within surrealism shows a whole new branch of research that I wasn’t aware of until I wen to the Barbican exhibition – ModernCouples –  Art, Intimacy, and the Avant Garde. I didn’t particularly love this exhibition as I am not the biggest understander of surrealism and the Avant Garde, but I really did not realise how much eroticism plays such a big part within the movement.

Within this idea there is scope to go down routes such as looking at generally how the female form has been represented through art and photography, Mapplethorpe, Egon Schiele, and of course, Man Ray’s Violon D’ingres.

Within this comes the idea of censorship comes the idea of dumbing down art and sexuality for audiences. Instagram removed an image I uploaded of Irving Penn’s Nudes when I was viewing his centennial show in Berlin, within minutes of me putting it up. How’s that for viewing the female body, if it was a fine art painting, would it have been removed? The truth is being subverted and why should it be? We all have vaguely the same parts… 

I think it’ll probably be this idea I use for the Pecha Kucha, as I feel the different strands of information could possibly be jumping blocks into passion.

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