This workshop felt a bit rushed and spontaneous, like we weren’t quite sure what or why we were doing it. I felt it strange to be doing lighting for a fact project, but I understand that refreshing our skills at the beginning of the year might spike interest for other projects.

We were split into small groups and went to shoot around the campus, taking a camera, light meter, reflector and a speed-lite.
This session was a brief refresher, going over the basics; don’t point flash straight at mode, bounce, reflect, diffuse, match with the ambient light (unless you want the appearance of hard flash).

I still find the technicality of using a flash difficult to understand when on location, so although this helped, the quite abstract nature of the session didn’t consolidate my knowledge, in some cases it confused me more. Of course, the basic knowledge of using a light meter and metering to both the highlights and shadows in order to know where to expose is a given, but when numbers and using shutter speeds to control the light get involved I often flounder a bit. It was great to work in smaller groups with my peers as I felt like we could make the mistakes without being judged or accused of wasting time, instead working through why its not working.

I think in order to feel more comfortable with it I just need to use it more, of course, but often with my projects I use natural lighting, so it isn’t necessary. Perhaps some other personal work to bridge the gap might be an idea.

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