I started this process with Format, a platform that I thought would do the trick and represent my work best, but in all honesty I forgot that I had started my free trial and it ran out before I could get properly stuck into the web design.

Before that however I did play around with it. I went through a few templates before settling for the one I eventually thought represented me best, these are below.

Not a big fan of the layout of the images, don’t speak for themselves enough,
Too busy, too complicated as a design. Cluttered.

I went with the ‘Offset’, with the white background, I like the clean and simple layout, with the ability to open the image up, but also see the thumbnails.

Once I had uploaded one image to work with I was then able to start visualising how I wanted to represent myself through the design. I think text is the second most important part of the design, after the images, deciding on this will allow me to go further into designing business cards etc. with more cohesion.
I found it difficult to find a font at first, as I had in mind that I wanted something thin, something sans serif, none of the frills. Clean and simple.

Starting with the very clunky font of Benton Sans Bold, the Bold part is too bold, and too big. Sticking with the bold still, I switched to News Gothic Regular at size 14px, which I still find is a bit clunky and very much does not sit well with the other font, soemthing I imagine is typewriter or Courier or something similar.

An incredibly subtle change, from 14px to 15px, and the change in colour, from dark black to a softer grey.
A final change, smaller text (12px) and made it regular text instead of bold.

Once I had settled on the font for the title, it was then time to focus on the dodgy font of the menu/navigation.

I tried with the Benton Sans Bold again, but again, too chunky, not working with the thinner font of the site title.
I tried with the Benton Sans Thin, bit it still felt slightly clunky.
I landed on this font, the Freight Sans Light, which was small and thin enough to be delicate and stand for itself well against the images.

This is about as far as I got with the design at the time, but I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options that I had when designing, the cohesion between typography and image had to work well, and I feel they do in this case.

At this point my free trial ran out and I wasn’t loving the platform enough to want to keep using it.

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