As discussed in the competitions and grants seminar, it is suggested that we write our own grant for a practise run, engaging with the process to enhance future chances at writing better ones!

(Written after completing this proposal) This proposal is quite vague on reflection, and although it is only a first draft and a first attempt even, I recognise the need for absolute transparency and clarity within these. You probably have less of a chance of winning the grant if the relevant information isn’t included in the amount of detail they need. I think if I were to rewrite I would take a different approach of meticulously including anything and everything that is necessary.

Below is a grant for ‘The Way Things Are’, a previous project that I feel I could potentially continue in the future. I am writing to a false grant, as at this point I have not had the opportunity to engage fully with researching into them and I am excited to get this written.

Grant = 12 months, £5,000 pounds (Loosely based on Jerwood/Photoworks Prize). With mentoring and opportunity to network with the industry in production time. Message of company = sharing voices and untold stories.

‘Britain post Brexit vote feels apathetic, numb to the choices of the political party that they choose to represent them. Small towns are hit the worst; the betrayal of the working class (the pandering to the rich). By exploring the suburban landscapes that are struck by poverty, apathy and climbing right wing ideals, this body of work investigates the buildings and areas that harbour this disparity. Sprawling suburbia that appear the same throughout the country breeds boredom, the repressed domesticity is a perfect reflection of the state of these small, stifled, homogenous towns.

I am passionate about giving voice to the people that feel unheard, investigating real life stories that rarely reach the ears of the people with power, giving attention to places that feel neglected in this political climate. I recognise the privilege that I have, and want to turn this into a way of giving voice and noise to the situations that feel like whispers from where I am standing but are deafening to be surrounded by. By venturing into these towns I feel I will be met emotion and honesty, and whether it be anger or calm, I am eager to invite both strains of human experience into my work.

Within my university practise I have ‘completed’ this project, but it feels unfinished, untold stories and places I have yet to discover. I have travelled around areas that I am able to get to on the train and with assistance from drivers, but feel limited to the South of England, where I find these issues are somewhat dampened. With the support of this grant I feel I would have access to areas across the whole of the UK, making me able to explore areas up North, which from my research I have seen to be hit much more drastically by division, political polarity and effects of the Conservative government, namely austerity.

Below I have broken down the grant amount into its most important points. With studying full time I am eager to utilise the time of this opportunity to my best advantage, the longer time of 12 months allowing me to both work on my degree and focus on this in equal parts. My aim is to be completely committed to this body of work over the summer period, the grant allowing me to travel for up to 2 weeks at a time and spend ample time in each area. I have contacts I am able to stay with when visiting the North, otherwise will be staying in hotels, or BnB’s, utilising any connections made in family run establishments. I have the intention of making 6 trips of 10 days at a time, budgeting me roughly £700 pounds per trip, with enough left over to cover film costs, and developing.

Being able to rely on this opportunity would matter a great deal to me, not only due to the important voice I believe it has, but the opportunity for change that it could set about. The opportunity to enter into a professional working environment with mentoring from highly skilled individuals would also benefit not only this project, but my approach to how I work and approach my photography. The important work that is coming out of this organisation is groundbreaking, asking for change from real life stories. Although the financial importance of this award obviously does provide a great benefit, the opportunity to have just one more person’s story told would be enough for me.’

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