I think this was my favourite lighting workshop to date. Led by Sam and only myself, and the two Sophie’s with me, the workshop felt like a really good session to ask all of the questions and really get to grips with still life lighting.

We worked with a lowkey light set up, which I felt would probably be the most releveant to work this year, and using tethered shooting so we could see immediate outcome.

We used a micro lens focussed on another lens from the store, which we had to light in an aestheitclaly pleasing way for advertising the lens. This meant emphasising the product name, but also showing the glass of the lens and the bulk of it within the frame.

To do this we were introduced to a ‘flag’, blokcing light falling onto areas by using bits of polystyrene, or black card etc. Using random pieces found in the studio was quite fun, it was interesting to see how mihc a tiny bit of light leak impacted how the end prodcut looked. At one point I think we had about 5 or 6 flags constructed, the glamour of photography is not what it seems !

Once we had got a pleasing light set up for the lens we moved onto some of our own personal items, but at this point we were all tired and not invested anymore. We did try to light some crisp packets however, which Sam seemed very dismayed about when he returned to the room, explaining that it would have to be a potentially completely new set up to light shiny objects to stop reflections.

Again, like I said before, I feel this was the most relevant and engaging lighting workshop I attended, as it was really hands on and I didn’t get to shy away from the camera or assisting in fear of looking silly.

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