Business cards are a successful and professional way to pass details on quickly, and a way to create a mini portfolio of images on the back. Of course, business cards have to work in cohesion with the branding on websites, having the same (or very, very similar) fonts, with the same name and handle for any details.
Keep them simple, anything confusing will deter potential clients (if too difficult to get to information).

Paper stock, fonts and memorability of the design can help you stand out, the more time and detail you put into how you brand yourself, the more it shows your attention to detail and passion in representing yourself well.

Suggestions of and Vistaprint were made, giving 50 cards for £14, Vistaprint; 250 for £24. has a higher rate of professionalism, the templates are better, if using Vistaprint design in InDesign and transfer.

I went with to go through the process of designing my cards, I probably won’t order them right now, as I don’t feel like a selection of images are the strongest, but I hope by the time I do order them (perhaps for PC3) I can be proud of the images I have to show.

I liked this type of card, I feel the heavier paper stock suits my practise, and although it is more expensive, investing in myself as a photographer can probably say a lot about my commitment to my practise.
I also like the recycling aspect! The uncoated finish to allow you to write is great for any other information you might need to add on the spot.

I chose this clean and simple layout, playing around with font and placing of the text: I preferred it to be all at the bottom in one chunk than seperated out.

The first font I used, (Baskerville) is too florally, too many ‘seriffy’ bits, but Helvetica works better in line with what I have in mind for my website.

I do like the layout of the image on the card but I feel it is slightly too small, if the cards are meant to be small anyway, any further crop to the size will detract from the images.

I tried with a different template, this one I like the size of the image on the card, but on reviewing it I’m not sure about the two lines of information. It doesn’t feel weighty or important enough, like its just a little whisper instead of a declaration.

The switch in font to Neue Haas Light works well, but maybe too small within the context of the card it’s in.

I tried the images with a small border but I prefer them full bleed, filling the space gives them more gravity in expressing my voice.
With the square images I placed them to the right of the card, but I can see slightly different placings in one of the screenshots, so I know that something I need to be wary of.

If possible I would have the first text layout with the second image layout.

After trying with the business cards I went on to go through the possibility of small postcards with space on the back for any handwritten messages. I would like to try out as well, as I think something like a small newspaper can be really successful in showing a wider portfolio of work.

I’m not really sure about these designs, but they of course, have potential with a bit more consideration. The design with the text top and bottom landscape text is a bit clunky, but I do like the second design with the text right down at the bottom in portrait format.
I’m not sure what my logic was when I put the square image in the top corner, maybe I was considering a design like an actual postcard with this as the stamp?

I left a large space on the back for any writing or further information that needs to go there in the moment, but in this moment I am also considering perhaps putting all the information on one side and leaving the other completely blank so it can be used as an actual postcard and be displayed on the wall?

This was a fun process to go through, my stumbling blocks at the moment are the lack of believing in my own work and trying to figure out how the cohesion between websites and social media works. I’m finding that different sites have different options for text and fonts so obviously when I come to designing for print and publishing a website this is something to bear in mind – will the font be available across multiple platforms?

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