I had previously looked at Davies’ work for a previous project involving still life so I was intrigued as to how a talk would be.
I was interested in Davies’ work from more of a technical point of view, I don’t particularly engage with his genre of work a whole lot as I feel it is very far from my own, but of course I have to know of it to be able to say that.

The work I most connected with was his work in collaboration with James Wannerton and his synaesthesia, providing a really great example of how creativity can merge with the commercial really seamlessly, which is something Davies is very skilled at.

Synaesthesic Family Portrait

This project Marmite and Pear Drops intrigued me on a deeper level, the humour and metaphor in the imagery providing more ‘information’ for me to grasp onto than perhaps an interesting food set up.

The main things that spoke to me in Davies talk was just how much he was still fighting to be creative director on his shoots, wanting as much say as he could within the creative input. I took this as a direct correlation to him saying ‘I could see death in their eyes – they were bored shitless’ in reference to other still life, advertising photographers.

But I also took away that his approach is varied and vibrant, creating diverse mini worlds in his practice with each body of work. As Kellie put it in introducing him ‘You’re an alchemist’, creating these scenes with beautiful lighting and precision, often all done in camera.

I think I was surprised to hear Davies talk with a hint of disdain when referencing some of the still life advertising work that he does, and I definitely didn’t expect this from what he shoots and displays on his website. This creative edge within his work is definitely something I can see keeps him going.

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