Exhibition Prep – Group Work


  • Kept in same groups as tutorials, I am apprehensive as I find my group difficult to engage with sometimes, I already feel tension in just tutorial settings.
  • I am appointed head of group, this is okay, I am able to lead well I think and having organised the majority of the year one exhibition I know what to expect.
  • Group curator, Finlay, already has ideas for exhibition, we all agree initial ideas are great.
  • Using solely Annabel’s work from previous project on veganism, an installation of images with a podium to display raw meat and a set of knives.

  • The tension came heavily in the decision of which images to use, Fin had in mind using just 3 of them, yet the majority of the group (including myself) thought it better to have more of a punch and use the set of 5 images as to illustrate the point further. The 3 images would omit a picture of meat and of a live chicken, both of which I felt was essential to the display.
  • We appointed other roles, Finlay obviously Curator, Annabel on advertising by designing a poster, Becky taking on PR/communications and Leah setting up an Instagram page for further social media presence. These roles were decided over a few days, as Leah and Katie were absent from the briefing, so a group chat was made.

  • Myself and other group leaders decided that Thursday would work for a preliminary recce of the space, deciding where would be best to display each individual installation. We discussed and took the 11.39am bus up for a midday meeting.
  • This meeting was great, very professional and when group C noticed a projector above the space that I had originally picked out it was easy to compromise with the space. I got some pushback from my group, as when I told them I had to move spaces they preferred the first, but it was unavoidable and I felt that if other group members wanted more say they could have potentially joined me as I went up on my own. Group B and C both had a group meeting or another member with them and I felt a lot of pressure on me to pick out somewhere that worked.
  • I video-called Finlay while I was up there, and this was positive, and interaction on the group chat was positive, responding quickly to my messages and thoughts on the space.
  • Once I settled on the space I was able to measure it out for later mock ups, and just to see how big the prints needed to be on the wall – A3 was too small, so we had to factor this into our printing budget.
  • I put this thought out onto the chat with the intention to settle on how many prints to have, which images to use, but I ended up more frustrated as we seemed to go around in circles. In an angry/frustrated rush I put that it was up to the rest of the group to decide, I would simply be the one to print the final images.

  • Alongside the images we also wanted to factor in a more immersive feel to the space, wanting to bring in the butcher’s shop floor as a piece of vinyl for the viewer to step on as they approach the work and the podium with meat on it. Unfortunately, once we had organised it all we found it would be too expensive to print, a piece 100x65cm costing £30, our whole budget.

  • Writing this on the Friday before the exhibition I feel like it might be difficult to bring everything together, I feel I am carrying a lot of it, but I know to stop that I just need to communicate with my group.


  • Before our tutorial with Seamus we were able to discuss roles and get things more concrete in person, which I felt really helped us all out. Leah and Katie could then also get involved. Becky was absent and as we hadn’t heard from her or any progress, we also assigned Elizabeth taking on some of the PR role.
  • Later in the afternoon the poster was designed, we discussed whether we needed to use an image that is included within the exhibition or not but decided to keep them all back for more of a statement piece.

  • I was able to mock up the space on Photoshop and mock up a layout just so we could see scale, this of course wouldn’t be a final layout. Tension was still noticeable in the chat when our curator sent his mock up, the original only 3 images. At this point I feel I will just agree to print the images to size on Monday and we can decide on absolute layout in situ.

  • In regard to the vinyl, we agreed that if it is still possible, we don’t mind inputting some of our own money towards it, as even if we still print 3 A1 prints (the others will stay at original size) we have a bit of budget left over. Even without the budget, we would each pay £3.75 (with leftover budget, £2.87).
  • I feel the group is working well together at this point, I feel much more supported with other member’s input, we are all engaging much more in the chat and as a nice spin off of this, in tutorials as well.
  • At this point (Saturday before the exhibition) there’s a couple more things to do, research into gallery spaces for layouts, ask Annabel for her project summary so I can write a ‘press release’ statement, and organise printing. I also need to work out if we’ll have nails, hammers, tape measures etc. for Tuesday, but I might ask the installation team if they can get this sorted.

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