• I moved from Format to Squarespace as I liked the easy design of it, and I found it much simpler and cleaner to use.
  • I got very carried away with the design that I didn’t take any screenshots (rookie error), but I do have screenshots of a work in progress.
  • I have currently not paid for the site as I need to sort out the funds, but I managed to do most of the designing before my trial ended, so I can show screenshots without the images in them.

I feel I need to expand on this and make it abit cleaner. I also really don’t love the font, it feels abit clunky. I feel I need to possibly add in some more detail under each heading in education.
I don’t like this bio at all, it feels very up myself, and I am not sure it truly represents me as a photographer. I feel I might need some outside help to write this?
I put both my commissions under a sub heading, as I didn’t feel they needed their own page. The difference in font is killing me, I hate it so much and I haven’t yet figured out how to change it to the same.
I’m not 100% sure I need this ‘portraits’ page, as it feels a bit random, even if I have curated the images to match aesthetically, the different projects don’t seem to work together? Might be better to have a standalone project in that space instead?
First narrative fact project from this year. Happy with this page, pleased with how it looks (with images…)
Last landscape project from last year, again, happy with this and happy to see the juxtaposition between the two landscape projects (urban landscapes vs. the ‘sublime’).
  • My main problem with the design at the moment is the difference in font on the sidebar and the lack of anywhere to put words on each of the pages.
  • I think I either need to add a separate link under the drop down heading to a page with the artist statement or upload an image with the information on it. I think my words add so much to the understanding of the project.
  • Next step is to pay for the website, get a domain name and fix/adjust the things above.
  • Both GoDaddy and 123Reg have available for 0.99p then £11.99 a year, which feels more reasonable than the £16.99 for which I think I actually prefer. I’ll go for the cheaper option for now, when I’m rich and successful and rolling in money I’ll change to the .com.
Domain name sorted!

At this point I restarted building my website but signed up with my Uni address so I could get the 50% off the first year. I designed it exactly the same way, but was able to change all the things I didn’t like from above. This also meant that I could get my website up and running in time for the deadline.
I’m still unsure of how to bring text into the different pages of work, but I’m sure it’ll be as simple as screen-shotting the text and uploading it as an image.

I also let go of the ‘portraits’ page, that space can be used for another project or body of work when it feels right.

Fixed the font difference, found in the ‘Secondary Navigation’ menu, going with the ‘Freight Sans Pro Lights’.

Perhaps a more fitting bio, but I would still like to discuss with peers.

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