• Coming to the end of this module I feel like I really need to organise all of my branding together in one post, just to make sure it all works together.
  • I am currently using Squarespace and it works really well, matching very well to what my instagram feels like.
  • In terms of keeping everything similar I am aware that I just want very clean, minimal fonts on everything, and finding that font across all platforms is the part I feel I am struggling with.
  • Business card designing felt a bit random, but obviously engaging with the process gave me a much better idea of how to move forward with it all.
  • I think my main struggle is is that I am unsure of my voice and how it can be expressed through these platforms: the minimal look that I want doesn’t very well describe me as a person or a photographer, but should that matter in the grand old scheme of things? Having a clean and easy to navigate platform I think comes before anything else.
  • With a bio to represent myself on my website I might chat to James about, I find it very hard to encapsulate my work in a few lines and I think an outside perspective would really help.

  • In terms of names working cohesively together, I use my name as it is everywhere so it’s not that much of a problem. The problem I can see with my instagram handle being is that viewers are going to find @onnaborbely, my personal account, first. Maybe a switcheroo is in order.

My Instagram is carefully curated, I often map out potential layouts before posting so it works as a feed, or take my layout from final submission.

  • My website will be which works when you type just my name into google anyway.
  • This can go side by side on business cards or any branding material: @onnaborbely /
  • Below are some newer and more recent work on a business card, with all the correct details, links to social media and website. This font matches my website, using Helvetica which is very similar to the Freight Line Pro from my website.
  • The link to my website is here:
  • A work in progress most likely for the moment, but something to keep updating as I keep producing my work. The blog type platform named ‘writing’ gives me the opportunity to include work in progress as I go along, giving viewers an insight into my process. It also opens it up to reviews and thoughts surrounding photographers and photography in general.

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